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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Apple was Green

Apple has one group of people to thank for there current success in the world of tech. That single group would be the liberal green party. When you look around at any University these days you will see smart cars and prius's parked in the student lot. Getting out of those eco-friendly cars are people who live in a reality of instant gradification. They will have the iphone strapped to there pants a ipod on there arm, a Ipad in there left hand & starbucks coffee in there right.

To any onlooker they may look as if they are going to a Yoga confrence somewhere. Apple has really put all there eggs in one basket but the underlying question is will they continue to have there blow-out success? Hardware can only take you so far, just ask Dell or HP.

Apple has a problem coming down the road and that is the software problem that is linux and the ability for that program to compete with windows 7 in the future of computing world wide. Linux was just meant as a quick means to and end for the fantastic hardware that Apple created. What will be the driving software of the future for Apple?

How will they further their hardware with no gas? These are just many questions facing Apple in the future.

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